Cultural history of de Bijenkorf

Ever since its establishment in 1870 de Bijenkorf has shown a true retail vision and became a loyal patron of the arts. De Bijenkorf has a long association with illustrious architects, designers, writers and artists. This creative spirit where art meets commerce will continue in the 21st century. De Bijenkorf will integrate retail, culture art and design into a carefully staged collision of inspiring, surprising and alluring experiences. We are proud to present the Room on the Roof, and to have Rijksmuseum as our cultural partner.

Cultural Partner – Rijksmuseum

The cultural partner of the ‘Room on the Roof’ is the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands and located 10 minutes by bike from De Bijenkorf. We are proud to have a solid partnership with the Rijkmsuseum in Amsterdam with whom we share our creative spirit and cultural engagement.


Introduction ROOM ON THE ROOF

Room On The Roof is an artist workspace in the tower above the Amsterdam de Bijenkorf store. This aerial eerie in the heart of the city is a place for reflection, a platform for fresh ideas. De Bijenkorf invites local and international artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers to create new work inspired by the location and the city Amsterdam. The artists will be invited to spend time in Room on the Roof and present their projects in store in various forms, music in the fitting rooms, a poem on the book department, exhibitions in the atrium, the stairways and in the windows.

Room on the Roof Interior

The tower above the Amsterdam de Bijenkorf store is an historical location in the heart of the city. This aerial eerie in the heart of the city offers a 360 view of the city of Amsterdam, a spectacular skyline and outlook on various towers and the people of Amsterdam. The awardwinning interior has been designed by i29 Interior Architects.



Annechien van Litsenburg
Senior Designer de Bijenkorf

Erik van Ginkel
Director of Finance and Operations Rijksmuseum

Julius Vermeulen
Art and Design advisor
Founder Eenwerk