Room on the Roof

Tess van Zalinge

“I wanted to share the story of all the distortions the corset has brought to the female body over the years.”

Armia Yousefi

“I have asked myself about the future: What does winter sports look like on the moon?”

Lisa Konno

“When you think about the coat I made, which is made up of all those different shirts that have been touched by so many different hands, lives, events and designers but now come together in 1 design, I find that a sense of unity emerges.”

Flora van Egeraat

“History shows that the shape of clothing can say a lot about the life and status of people at that time.”

Romy Yedidia

“This work shows the sacrifice that many women feel pressured to make, it shows the cruelty with which we treat our bodies in order to be accepted. To be loved, to belong, in what has been an impossible standard in many times.”

Marie Lamberechts

“In my design I tried to give a contemporary response to the Rijksmuseum’s Bridal Gown from 1759.”

Camiel Fortgens

“Not knowing how to make fashion became my signature.”

Studio PMS

“We hope that in the future people will appreciate the aspect of time in fashion, not only that it takes time to produce the product for the consumer, but also that it takes time for the designer to innovate.”

Margherita Soldati

“With this piece we want to show the potential of nature, offer people alternatives and look at reusable materials, now and in the future.”

Myrto Christou

150 years of special moments at de Bijenkorf

To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of de Bijenkorf, Myrto Christou created a series of paintings inspired by the special moments of the timeline of de Bijenkorf

Koos Buster

150 years of special products at de Bijenkorf

Especially for the 150th anniversary of the stores, Koos Buster created five iconic products in clay sold at de Bijenkorf today. From the wildly popular Thick Sole Sneaker by Alexander McQueen and the Loewe Puzzle Bag to de Bijenkorf’s famous boltaart.

Local art at de Bijenkorf

Given these difficult times, Room on the Roof is making a section of a Bijenkorf store available to a local artist to have the opportunity to create a work of their choice to exhibit and sell. Art and culture is in the creative heart of the Bijenkorf, which is why we want to support local artists who are experiencing difficult times and give them the possiblity to sell.

The participating artists are:

Amsterdam – Raquel van Haver @raquelvanhaver, represented by KersGallery @kersgallery
The Hague – Joana Schneider @ joana.n.schneider, represented by Rademakers Gallery @rademakersgallery
Rotterdam – Kasper Tinus @kaspertinus
Utrecht – Gert Wessels @gert_wessels
Eindhoven – Satomi Minoshima @omushima
Amstelveen – Celia Hadeler @celia_hadeler
Maastricht – Joep Caenen @joepcaenen

Martina Taranto

The Future is Greeen 10/02 – 02/03

For our campaign ‘The Future is Green’ we invite the Italian artist Martina Taranto to Room on the Roof. Under the name ‘Together twentytwenty’, she explores the limits of reuse and experiments with waste material. Waste of the Bijenkorf serves as a mold for a mixture organic materials and seeds. When the sculptures are being watered, the seeds will sprout and the plants will start growing. The result is different every day and always surprising. 

The growing installation is an encouraging outlook for an equal world that is open to a balanced existence together with nature.

The installation can be admired  from the 10th of February till March the 2nd –  in the shop window of de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.



This year Ben Kreukniet is our artist for Room on the Roof during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Ben is an multi-disciplinary artist from Australia, based in Amsterdam. Follow his story on instagram @room_on_the_roof and find more information about the artist at



Room on the Roof presents “Blessed are the Disidentified” by fashion designer Duran Lantink. The project originated from Duran Lantink’s rebellious approach to over-consumption. His work is characterized by the reuse of unsold stock from high-end brands and department stores. With this he explores and questions the current fashion industry. With sustainable handwriting as a guideline, Duran Lantink has conducted research for Room on the Roof into various subcultures, stereotypes and dressing behavior. He blew them out, pulled them out of context and turned them into a melting pot. This manifests itself in a celebration of diversity, where all social standards and codes are thrown overboard.

Emily Forgot

‘Our house, our home’

Emily Forgot is a London based multidisciplinary designer who practices art, design and illustration for a wide range of international clients: from cultural institutions, advertising, retail to publishing & editorial. Room on the Roof invited the artist to design a series of works, giving a contemporary reflection on two very exciting historical architectural milestones: 100 years of Bauhaus & 50th anniversary of de Bijenkorf Eindhoven store, designed by Gio Ponti. Emily’s artworks were created for Rotterdam, The Hague & Eindhoven stores, but in February 2020 all of them will come together in De Bijenkorf Amsterdam.


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Welcoming the new season

Welcoming the new season

Read our news! Room On The Roof started the year by inviting a new board of directors and launching its own Instagram channel. Click here to read more about our ambitions and what the future holds …

Illustration above of ECAL graduate Charlotte Broccard.

Dutch Design Week
X de Bijenkorf

Exhibition ‘Spectrum’

SPECTRUM involves installations which consist of two fire extinguishers containing two – often complementary – colors of paint which are released at the top of a white background, allowing the paint to run freely down the canvas and merge together in a puddle beneath. Read more here…


Christien Meindertsma

‘Fibre Market’

Christien Meindertsma presents ‘Fibre Market’ in two shop windows of the Bijenkorf Amsterdam. One shop window is filled with Fibrillated colored wool, in the shape of the Irish landscape where traditionally Donegal yarn is spun and woven. Read more here…


Rutger de Vries


Spectrum is now on show at all stores of de Bijenkorf. During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven where all the artworks from SPECTRUM come together in one exhibition on the 3rd floor of de Bijenkorf Eindhoven. Read more here…

Ola Lanko

‘Fixed & Fluid’

De Bijenkorf teamed up with Unseen to invite multi-disciplinary artist Ola Lanko for a residency at de Bijenkorf’s Room on the Roof. During her Room on the Roof residency, Ola created Fixed & Fluid, a photogenic installation consisting of display materials and everyday objects from de Bijenkorf warehouse. Read more here…

& Marle Thomson


Hip Hop Artist Typhoon visited the Room on the Roof, together with Marle Thomson he recorded three songs, listen to the private concert in the men’s fitting room in Amsterdam and have a look at the video. Read more here…

Krijn de Koning


The work of Krijn de Koning interrupts the environment by adding sculptural, architectural and colourful constructions to a given location, it is site specific. De Koning visited the store in Rotterdam. He was immediately inspired by the architecture from Marcel Breuer, the back stage, the front stage and the spaces in between. Read more here…

Job, Joris & Marieke

‘Passing By 100+ years Damrak Amsterdam’

A video inside the window of de Bijenkorf Amsterdam
Job, Joris & Marieke show the history of the Damrak, from 1914 to the present. De Bijenkorf is the ever-present silent witness in all decades. As people walk past the shop window, the years pass by. Read more here…


Room on the Roof winner of German Design Award



Inspired by winter forests and snowfall, Snarkitecture created a three-dimensional floating forest in the main atrium of the de Bijenkorf flagship store. Three hundred and sixty artificial, all-white trees are suspended in a voxel grid, playing on the relationship between nature and order. Read more here…

Job Wouters


Job Wouters at Dutch Design Week 2017. Read more here…

Room on the Roof
X Dutch Design Week

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK Eindhoven 2017

De Bijenkorf Eindhoven presents selected art works from Room on the Roof during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Sabine Marcelis, Jan Rothuizen, Part of a bigger Plan, We Make Carpets, Bethan Laura Wood, Studio Martens & Visser, Dave Hakkens and Job Wouters show their works in ten windows at de Bijenkorf Eindhoven from October 20th until October 29th.

Michelle David


Singer Michelle David visited the Room on the Roof, she recorded three songs, listen to the private concert in the men’s fitting room in Amsterdam and have a look at the video. Read more here…


FRAME MINDS Rethinking Plastic: Trash or Treasure?

Made to last forever, designed to be disposable – Rethinking Plastic with MINDS and special guest Dave Hakkens. Lecture ILLY CAFÉ 5th FLOOR de Bijenkorf Dam 1 Amsterdam

Studio Martens & Visser


On show at the window of de Bijenkorf Amsterdam. This installation will also be on show during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven at de Bijenkorf Eindhoven. Read more here…

Bethan Laura Wood

‘After Party Sweet Dreams’

Bethan Laura Wood, the talented designer and artist from London, is visiting the Room on The Roof. Bethan presents ‘AFTER PARTY – SWEET DREAMS’ in two windows on show at de Bijenkorf Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. Read more here…


The American Architecture Prize 2017

Award winnig Room on the Roof interior, i29 architects is the winner of The American Architecture Award 2017 for best interior design.

Gill Button

‘Eye Of The Day – Mata Hari’

In Room on the Roof Gill Button worked on her new project ‘Eye Of The Day – Mata Hari’. Her artworks are exhibited in the central stairwell od de Bijenkorf Amsterdam. Read more here…


NRC.NL Making art on the roof top of de Bijenkorf

A Dutch article written ritten by Gretha Pama for NRC.NL

Jan Rothuizen


‘Drawing Room’, the IDFA award-winning virtual reality experience by Jan Rothuizen is permanent on show at de Bijenkorf Amsterdam. Visit the top floor, in Café Illy you can enjoy the installation and wear the Virtual Reality glasses, have a seat and visit the Room on the Roof, the tower on top of de Bijenkorf. Artist Jan Rothuizen created his first 360º virtual reality drawing ‘Drawing Room’ in Room on the Roof. As a viewer, you become part of his drawn reality in which real and unreal unite. Read more here…


Christian Borstlap

Christian Borstlap in Dutch newspaper  Het Parool.

We make Carpets

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam DREAM OUT LOUD – DESIGNING FOR TOMORROW’S DEMANDS exhibition

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents Dream Out Loud – Designing for tomorrow’s demands – August 26-January 1st 2017, a group exhibition on social design. We Make Carpets is one of the 26 studios that are selected. Their work originates from using a shared interest in colors, shapes, and textures of everyday, mass-produced objects that we often only use once and then carelessly throw away. This also applies to the countless cocktail umbrellas, glitter sticks and swizzle sticks which We Make Carpets used in three installations, on show in this exhibition. The collective created these works in the summer of 2015 during a residency at Room on the Roof, in the tower of De Bijenkorf. Read more here…


Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Article on Sarah van Sonsbeeck in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.


Design Week Award 2016

And the winner is Room On The Roof by i29 interior architects for de Bijenkorf in the category hospitality and workplace interiors. The judges said: “As well as creating a great artists’ space, this project also addresses issues around how we’ll be living in cities in the future.”

happy 2nd

happy 2nd birthday

In celebration of Room on the Roof’s second birthday de Bijenkorf celebrated a pink party in the tower! We are very happy and proud of all the art projects that have been created in the tower during the last two years and we are looking forward to creating more art projects in the future. Thank you to all the people who made this possible, especially our partner Rijksmuseum and of course all the wonderfull and amazing artists who came and visited the Room on the Roof.


IDFA DocLab Award

The winner is drawing room
The IDFA DocLAb Award for Digital Storytelling is granted to Drawing Room by Jan Rothuizen and Sara Kolster.


Vrij Nederland writes about Drawing Room

Vrij Nederland magazine published a six-page article about Drawing Room by Jan Rothuizen, written by Dirk van Weelden.


FRAME magazine #104

Harvest, the pick of the crop from the worlds of art and design. Room On The Roof is featured in a two-page article in FRAME #104.


ICON magazine #143

Room on the Roof is featured in a 4-page article in ICON #143.

Irma Boom

Irma Boom Signing posters in the room on the roof

Limited edition art print to celebrate the hundred forty five years jubilee of de Bijenkorf.


HET PAROOL Amsterdam Newspaper

For the first time in history de Bijenkorf is using the hundred year old tower on top of the roof.
Link to article.

Maarten Baas

‘My Latest Work’

On 27 January 2015, de Bijenkorf will be launching the Artist in Residence project, entitled ‘Room On The Roof’. The department store has invited artists, writers, musicians, architects, and designers to take part in the programme. Maarten Baas is the first artist who will be using the studio. Read more here…